Rowan Carew

About Me

I have always had a passion for marine life and will never pass up the opportunity to stick my head in the water. I completed both my undergraduate and honours degrees in Marine Biology at the University of Queensland, but I spend a lot of my free time in south NSW. This led to me having a fascination and love for both tropical and temperate environments. I am also quite passionate about science communication; as an advocate for the importance of intertwining creative arts with science as well as working in marine education/outreach centres. I completed my honours degree under the supervision of Dr. Fanny de Busserolles (Queensland Brain Institute) and A/Prof. Karen Cheney in seahorse visual systems using both behavioural and histological techniques. My fascination and passion for seahorse visual systems led me to pursuing a PhD with the Marine Sensory Ecology Group. 

Research Directions

I am interested in tying biology, ecology and conservation into behaviour and visual capabilities of Syngnathids (seahorses, pipefish and seadragons). This may better inform us of the limitations/advantages their visual system may have in relation to conservation priorities. I am also interested in investigating the possible further implications of their unique visual system for a wider range of knowledge and understanding of foveal function in vertebrates.


2016: XAS101 Introduction to Temperate Marine Biology, University of Tasmania

2021: BSc in Marine Biology, University of Queensland

2022: BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology, University of Queensland 

2022 – present: National Marine Science Centre (Aquarium Guide), Southern Cross University, NSW


Coming soon!

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