Jasper Stead

About Me

Coming from the Gold Coast, I’ve grown up in and around the ocean, so naturally I’ve always been fascinated by it and the creatures that live in it. When I was younger, I always wanted to be a marine biologist, but somewhere growing up I forgot about that. During my undergraduate degree I studied biomedical science, with a particular focus on neuroscience and the brain. Whilst I loved neuroscience, I found myself not particularly interested in studying humans or model animals and so for my honours year I remembered my love of the ocean and joined the Marine Sensory Ecology group to study marine animals. During my honours I compared the brains of different species of deep-sea lanternfish. I was amazed by the diversity of brain morphology that they exhibited, even within a single family of fishes. This led me to commence my PhD under the supervision of Dr Fabio Cortesi and Dr Wen -Sung Chun studying the brains of fish from all across the phylogeny.

Research Directions

My research is focused on understanding the ecology and anatomy of marine fish brains. I’m interested in finding out why and how different regions of the fish’s brain have evolved and how this is affected by the environments they live in and lifestyles they have. Across different fish we can see an extraordinary diversity of strange and unique adaptions to their environments, particularly in those that live in particularly extreme conditions such as the deep sea. I hope to observe this same incredible diversity in their brain and nervous systems using high-resolution MRI.


2021 – BAdvSc (Honours; Biomedical Science) University of Queensland

2022-present – PhD, Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland


Coming soon!

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