A selection of various videos created by the lab.

Cedric presents his work on Scope TV

Behavioural Experiment Footage

A triggerfish performing a behavioural experiment where there are two target spots (green). One of the green spots is theoretically more ‘conspicuous’ than the other (in this case, the bottom one). The aim of the experiment is to see which spot the triggerfish will go for first! Does theory hold up in practice?
An ocellaris clownfish performing a behavioural experiment. They are trained to locate and ‘peck’ at the blue LED panel.
A boxfish undergoing training. Training the fish to perform these experiments is done in stages – in this stage, the target spot (green) is displayed on a plain background. After they’re comfortable doing this, they progress until they are locating target spots on more complex backgrounds (see triggerfish video).
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